Online Fermentation Workshop

Learn how to make your own yoghurts (dairy, non-dairy), fermented cream, sauerkraut, milk kefir and beet kvass.

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Fermenting Workshop

‘Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change.’

– Arthur Burt

I am passionate about supporting, guiding and educating people to make positive and empowering changes to their health and lifestyle.

I believe it is vital for people to take control of their health and wellbeing. Included in the consultation fee is twelve months free access to my Online Fermenting Workshop, help sheets, starter recipes, snack ideas, recommended reading and loads more.

It is not all about nutrition! Our thought processes and patterns, exercise, habits and perceptions all have an impact on our physical health. It is vital to nourish your whole self.

Initial appointments are for 1.5 hours. I ask all new clients to complete an online health and wellness questionnaire and submit it prior to us meeting. This enables the focus during our appointment to be forward-looking, with an understanding of what factors have affected your health historically and currently.

One hour follow up consultations, in person or via Skype, can be booked online. If only a short check-in is needed, to cover some brief questions and to make sure your you are on track, you have the option of a ‘15 to 30 Minute Check In’, via Skype or phone.

Depending on a person’s health and also their financial resources, some testing may be recommended. I regularly use Organics Acids Testing, stool microbial testing, genetics testing and Dutch Hormone Testing.

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Changing your nutrition and lifestyle can seem daunting for people, particularly when they are feeling tired, overwhelmed and unwell. Let’s have a 15-minute conversation, without charge, to discuss your current circumstances and how as a practitioner I can support you.

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