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The journey is made easier with the support of others….

Our Perth Support Group commenced in August 2012, and we have been meeting and sharing regularly since. Our Group is made up of people who have been following the GAPS Protocol for several years, others who follow an adaption of the GAPS Protocol, some who have just stepped into GAPS and some contemplating it. Within our Support Group we share our knowledge and experiences, with both humility and humour, for the benefit of ourselves and others. You are certainly welcome to join us.

Our meetings are structured and include a PowerPoint presentation on topics such a ‘Liver and Kidney Support’, ‘Histamine Intolerance’, ‘Yeasts, Bacteria and Parasites’ , a fermenting demonstration and time for discussion and questions.

Click here for GAPS Perth Support Group meeting dates and location.

Meeting Over Facebook (closed Group)….. GAPS Perth Support Group 

The aim of this group is to assist people in sourcing GAPS friendly products and services in Perth and to create a sense of community for people following, or considering following the GAPS Protocol in Perth, Western Australia.

Membership to this closed group is limited to my past and current clients, people who have attended my workshops and regular attendees of the Support Group Meetings.

Please email me at

Please utilise this forum to share GAPS friendly resources and to meet up with other people and families on the GAPS Journey. 

This forum is not a place for medical advice. It is important this is respected.