Initial Consultation

What’s included in an Initial Consultation?

In the 1.5 hour Initial Consultation, we will briefly run through your history, with a view of understanding how this has impacted your present health.  I will explain the physiological processes that are currently occurring from a digestive perspective and how we need to go about rectifying the deficient processes. We will work together to formulate a very detailed step-by step plan that is workable for you. The plan with cover nutrition, lifestyle, recommended testing and supplements. Following our consultation, the detailed and workable plan will be forwarded to you.


The cost of the appointment is $250 covering one family member during the consultation. If you wish to cover another immediate family member during the appointment, the cost will be $350, as additional time is needed to write individualised recommendations.

The cost of initial consultation includes access to various help sheets, recipe ideas, recommended reading, fermenting videos and fermenting recipes for twelve months after the initial consultation. 

Some of the cost of the appointment can be claimed if you have private health cover for Naturopathy or Nutrition. I email my detailed recommendations out within two days following our appointment. The initial consultation fee also includes answering any questions you have in regard to my recommendations, for one week after you have received my recommendations. I email the invoice, following the consultation, which can be paid via credit card or bank transfer.

Initial Consultation Form

Please note, I require the Initial Consultation Online Form completed at least 2 days prior to our scheduled appointment. This allows me time to review the form prior to our meeting. This form will take around 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Thank you.


Below you will find a calendar for scheduling appointments. Please find a time for our 1.5 hour appointment that suits you.


Home-based clinic – 151 George Street East Fremantle. Parking is available on the roadside directly in front of the house. Please do not park in the driveway.